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Debt Collectors Durban KZN. Kredcor – We welcome you to our Company’s Home Site! We are always eager to introduce our Company and the Services we offer to potential Clients. We actually feel sort of sad for Companies who does not benefit from making use of our services, because the companies that do really enjoys a mutually beneficial relationship with Kredcor; most of them for many years now.. Why not put us to the test? – …on a “No-Success No Fee” basis it will not cost you a sent if we are not successful!!

Kredcor stands for….

  • Business-to-Business Debt Collection
  • No Collection – No Charge
  • We cover Africa                                                                      


    Debt Collector Durban KZN

    Debt Collector Durban KZN


  • Minimize Legal cost & time-consuming litigation.
  • One dedicated Kredcor Staff-member to look after you.
  • We keep you informed and up-to-speed continuously!
  • Our Risk Assessments delivered in hours; not weeks 
  • Service! Service! Service!
  • Each case, big & small treated with the same determination.
  • Your Debtors handled with respect & integrity. 
  • If we can not collect, chances are no one will.

Partner with Kredcor; You will never regret that…

We approach all cases with the attitude that there is a person behind the case, a person representing the outstanding debt or the company involved. We treat everyone with respect and understanding whilst maintaining a determined approach to best maintain our Client’s interests.

Debt collectors Durban KZN

We are not just doing Debt Collection; we work WITH you and your business in order to manage your Debtor’s book, specifically concerning overdue accounts, and in the process achieving YOUR goals…. 

Once partnered, we want to work with you for many years to come, as we do with 90% of our Clients.

We prefer to become good friends with our Clients.

  … Benefit with Kredcor 

  • Your money belongs in YOUR bank account…
  • Your Cashflow should not be hampered by slow / non-payers 
  • You should (preferably) not fight with your Clients
  • Bad debt & write-offs be kept to the absolute possible minimum
  • Legal payments should not be more than monies collected
  • It should not take months to finalise an (already) bad account

Debt Collectors Durban KZN

Debt Collectors Durban KZN

Debt Collectors Durban KZN South Africa

Kredcor is a member of the Council for Debt Collectors  as well as ADRA.

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Debt Collectors Durban KZN .

Business-to-Business Debt Recovery Services South Africa  –  Africa