Debt Collectors Durban KZN Africa

Debt Collectors Durban KZN Africa. Kredcor Business Debt Recovery in Africa

The majority of Kredcor Clients trade throughout the African Continent. We therefore became quite versed in recovering on overdue and/or delinquent Business accounts in Africa.  We developed a certain skill-set necessary in order to successfully negotiate this type of collections.

Kredcor have been appointed by several European Companies to facilitate Business Debt Recovery in South Africa as well as the rest of Africa on their behalf. Kredcor also supply them and/or their customers with Credit Risk Assessments on companies and individuals in SA.

Kredcor is also the officially appointed Debt Recovery Agents for Africa to numerous and well-known International Companies directly.  

Debt Collectors Durban KZN Africa

Risk Assessing and Credit Information Reporting on South African Businesses

Request one of the following professionally compiled Reports: 

  •  Risk Assessment  on a Potential Client in S.A.
  • Credit & General Information Report; including (legal) Credit History and current status
  • Banker’s Code and/or Full & General Report
  • Director’s Report (Verification, Directorships, Companies, (Legal) Credit History, Current Exposure…)
  • Information on Project-Involvement, Tenders awarded and other notable activities


  • Kredcor utilizes information provided by every major Credit database available
  • We are linked to all major Banks in the country
  • Linked to CIPC (S.A Companies Registration Office / database),
  • Linked to the South African Deeds Office for Property & Bond detail
  • and to any and all other accessible information sources available..
  • .. and we have our own in-house investigative Department.. 

We source all relevant detail necessary to compile the requested Assessment or Report on a Company and present the information to you in a concise and usable format, which includes our summary of Positive- and Negative indicators, followed by our grading and recommended  action to follow… 

  • All of this done within 1 to 2 work-days!
  • Every piece of information is double-checked and confirmed
  • You receive “fresh” information, verified on the day!
  • Most of our Clients blindly relies on our recommendation.

Debt Collectors Durban KZN Africa. 

Debt Collectors Durban KZN Africa
Debt Collectors Durban KZN Africa

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Kredcor is also a proud member of THE ASSOCIATION OF DEBT RECOVERY AGENTS

Kredcor is notorious for maintaining only the highest ethical and prescribed National & International standards of our Industry; always maintaining our Client’s, and OUR good names!  

Contact Kredcor today in order to determine whether we can provide you with some excellence…

Debt Collectors Durban KZN Africa. Global…