Reasons to Use Kredcor?

Debt Collectors Durban KZN Corporate Debt Recovery

This is why Kredcor excels: 

  1. We work according a No-Success  –  No-charge policy. We work for our money!
  2. No binding contract; use us if and when you like (or not)
  3. We have an unblemished track-record; no complaints, no investigations, no cases against us EVER!
  4. You get a dedicated person working with your accounts. We do not run a call centre!
  5. Feedback. Feedback. Feedback. We do…
  6. Preferred service provider for 3 major Banks and various Blue-chips. 
  7. Appointed Recovery Agents for 13 European companies. South Africa & Africa.
  8. Risk assessments and -Reports produced within 8 working hours (not days).
  9. Relentlessly ethical and professional; we are registered, audited, associated … unblemished!
  10. We do not waste your (or our) time; we act today and persist to finalisation of each and every account

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 Debt Collectors Durban KZN Corporate Debt Recovery

The pro’s of utilising the services of a Debt Recovery Agency

Your money should be in YOUR account! One pitfall of doing business is that your Debtors does not always honour their commitments (on time) or at all. It takes (wastes) your time to get around to these culprits. It is a known fact that the longer overdue an account becomes, the lesser the possibility that it will be paid. 

After you have exhausted all resources in order to obtain payment on a (now) long overdue account, it may just be the wisest decision to use Kredcor to do that for you. Let us take the stress of taking on and struggle with the Debtor, doing the one thing we know: Collect.

The moment a Debt Recovery Agency joins the fight, your chances of success increase immediately. It sends a clear message to the defaulting Debtor that you have had enough, and are prepared to take action in order to get paid. Any proper professional recovery Agent have the necessary experienced people in place to take on the Debtor and ensure the best possible result, in the shortest time possible.

The “conflict” continues between the Debtor and the Agency, and not you and or your company. 


Debt Collectors Durban KZN Corporate Debt Recovery
Debt Collectors Durban KZN Corporate Debt Recovery

Debt Collectors Durban KZN Corporate Debt Recovery