Debt Collectors Durban KZN Q&A

Debt Collectors Durban KZN Q&A

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Business Accounts Debt Recovery:

Do we get ONE PERSON to service us?

Yes! One person will be your main contact and will ensure that you receive personal and up-front service. We do not believe in the “Call Centre” approach; our Client’s are to important to us!

Do you keep us in the loop?

YES! As often as we can, and you want..

We pride ourselves on the quality of service we offer… not only pertaining to successful collections, but also to providing you with feedback and making sure that you know what is happening continuously. 

When is an account considered suitable for Hand-over?

Your type of business and industry and your set terms with a Client, together with its payment history will have an influence on this.

In general, when overdue payment on an account exceeds three times the allowed term, you should start worrying, and consider a hand-over.

The longer an account remains overdue, the more difficult it becomes to collect.

Our Company’s image can not be harmed!?

The same goes for Kredcor, and all our (mostly) Blue-chip corporate Clients!

We will, and can not allow to do anything that will ever harm your business’s good name! In fact, you will be surprised how many companies we have collected from, subsequently became our clients…

Kredcor? … or an Attorney?

In our opinion, the question should not be “one or the other?” Our role should be seen as a seperate service, to be followed by litigation if we are not successful and confirmed as a viable option with a good chance of success.

Kredcore can subsequently save you a lot of time and money in the process. If we are not successful, you do not pay us anything and will be provided with a thorough summary of circumstances surrounding the account and possible future action (litigation) to be taken.

What is your collection fee?

You only pay us when we successfully collect. If not, there is NOTHING to pay!

Services to be paid for (Default listing, litigation…) will only be done with your written permission.

Our collection fee is a maximum of 15% on success; and accounts above R 100 000 are negotiable.

Risk Assessments

Is a Credit Assessment and a -Report the same thing?

No. A Credit Report provides information; a Risk Assessment process the information to reach a conclusion… 

What is the source(s) of your information?

Kredcor is linked to all major Credit Bureaux and every other available source of information in the country, including governmental- and public sources. Also linked to International bureaux… 

Is the information you provide up-to-date & confirmed?

We check and double-check every piece of detail; from statutory detail to the last phone number. We investigate any “red-flags” and make sure the information utilised is correct. 

How do we handle a negative rating on a Client from you?

It goes without saying that the decision to proceed doing (credit) business with the Client, or not, is your decision to make. Ours is only an opinion; this opinion stems from our research and assessment concerning the entity and it’s owners’ perceived ability and likelyhood to honour the applicable terms.

Many of our Clients however acts strictly on our recommendations.

When/Why should we do an assessment?

We suggest that you do an Assessment whenever you consider taking on a new customer/client, who applied for terms of any nature. 

Also when any negative indicators appear in the conduct of an existing Client’s account.

Various companies have a policy to do an Assessment on all of their Clients once a year; some even every six months, depending on the type of industry, and the applicable payment terms. This acts as an “early warning system” 

What is the waiting-period for an Assessment?

It usually take us between 5 to 8 working hours to complete an assessment 

Debt Collectors Durban KZN Q&A
Debt Collectors Durban KZN Q&A

Debt Collectors Durban KZN Q&A