Debt Collection

Debt Recovery Durban KZN

Debt Recovery Durban KZN – Kredcor Khuluma is a specialist Business Debt Collection Agency; we focus on the recovery of Corporate and Commercial debts owed by one Company to another. We recover debt globally, on a No Result – No fee basis.

If we do not collect, you do not pay a dime!


  • Let us act on your behalf after you have tried everything…
  • Kredcor personnel are not attorneys; incidentally we attempt above all to avoid costly & lengthy litigation.
  • Integrity and compassion, but also firm, professional and determined
  • We will protect your company name and image at all times
  • Action NOW; not next week or next month!!
    Debt Recovery Durban KZN
    Debt Recovery Durban
  • KEEPING IN TOUCH; thereby providing you with a first-class service
  • You receive feedback regularly
  • South Africa and Africa covered.
  • We even do Global collections for many of our Foreign Clients, who has come to realise what we are capable of.
  • Registered with the applicable (required) Authorities
  • Including “The Council for Debt Collectors
  • Including¬†ADRA (Association of Debt Recovery Agents)


Kredcor strictly operates on a No Success No-Fee basis. Let this be clear: If we do not collect your money subsequently you do not pay us anything! Furthermore there are no up-front fees, hence no joining fees or admin fees.

We agree on a percentage-fee which is determined by various influencing variables, for instance amounts, age of account and volume of work, amongst others. As a rule the maximum fee will never exceed 15%.

In addition to the above, please take note that any extra services we perform, such as Default Listing and Credit Applications and Credit Reports will thereby be for your account. These services will never be executed without your written request, thus it remains your prerogative.